Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Bee-eaters, I think that's what they were. I just went for a lunchtime run down to Eristos beach - note how casually I slipped that in - startling the donkeys who were having a dust bath, and I ran right under a flock of them: kingfisher-blue bellies, sharply-triangular lemon-yellow wings with dark outlines, flattish pale heads and long sharp beaks, fanned-out tails... The amazing thing was the sound. I'd heard it earlier today and thought it was the wind whistling around the trees or the house. Sounds a bit like my hopeless attempts at whistling. Didn't have my camera but they looked a bit like this.

But if they eat my neighbours the bees, I don't know if I should like them so much. Meanwhile, Pavlos came by today and brought me handfuls of mousmoula: loquats. Delicious! Soft fleshy fruit, sometimes sharp, sometimes sweet, bit like a sharpish mango.


  1. Your blog-updating record is much better than mine! I feel honour-bound to post a picture of my next trip to take a dip in the sea. It'll have to be a very warm day, though... Loving your updates of island life.

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