Monday, 18 April 2016

Winner of the Octopus Competition!

You lovely, lovely people. Thank you for sharing the news of the Octopus being released. Which reminds me, did you see this news item? Surely Inky the escaping octopus heard about the ouzo... Or maybe he just fancied a different, more free sort of life, just like I did. But what I meant to say was thank you for sharing the news of An Octopus in my Ouzo. I wish I could give you ALL free copies of the book. But I only have one to offer right now to our winner this week, Roisheen Childs, who said on Twitter she had her tentacles crossed. You can uncross them now!
You all do so much for me but I'm going to ask a favour. If you read my new book and if it's easy for you to do this, it would be great if you would write a review on Amazon UK or on Goodreads or wherever you like. Much appreciated! Reviews help books to get discovered by others who might like them.
Now I'd better stop wittering on, as I have a real blog post to finish...


  1. I had decided to save the read 'til my next Tilos visit in May, but guess what happened next ... ;-)
    I'm halfway through now and I must say, you really take me there! I read with a smile on my face, it's so familiar.
    I giggled when I read the snail part. I have a similar memory from Symi, many years ago. After a heavy late September rain we went out to collect snails. My friends told me "Don't take the ones who feed on donkey's pooh, take the other ones!" "But how do I know the difference?!" "They are very similar so you have to look very carefully!" Well thanks, that's useful information :-/
    And a couple of days later, after (hopefully) having got ridden of the donkey's pooh in big bowls of water, they were cooked in the same tomato sauce as you describe ... I only remember having loads of sauce and one single chewy snail. I'm all for trying local traditions and culinary culture but ... ;-)
    Anyway, I love reading it!

    1. Ha - great snail story!
      Very glad it's making you laugh... Thanks for letting me know.