Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Heat, Heat and More Heat

It was appropriate - as well as being a little bit amazing - that Falling in Honey got a 5-star review in the Top 5 Books in Heat magazine this month. Because August in Tilos means heat (especially inside a kantina). 
But in case that wasn't enough in the way of a heat challenge, our eight-month-old resident comedy canine, Lisa, is also 'in heat'. 
That's right, our little girl is growing up, and she's rather popular, especially with the young pup currently staying on Eristos beach right next door to the kantina. He leaps up when he sees our dusty-red car, and looks at me with sad, accusing eyes when he sees Lisa's not in it.
Because I can't take her to Eristos, Lisa has become almost nocturnal, sleeping all the hot day, and waking up ready to play as soon as the sun starts going down. I think she's sneaking off to party at Mikro Horio all night while I'm asleep. So I've had to take her for her walks in the early evening, to beaches with few people and no dogs. Easy enough to find in Tilos anytime of the year - except August.

'Why don't you take her to Lethra?' asked Stelios one day. And what a great call. I hadn't been for ages, and had forgotten what a stunningly beautiful half-hour walk it is; I can let Lisa off the lead as there are goat-gates to stop her getting onto the road, and the beach rarely has more than a few people on it.



Another great walk is all the way around Livadia bay...

... to the little beach just before Faros for a swim as the sun goes down behind the hills opposite...

... or continuing around to the little harbour... 

... and then up the hill to Stefanakis Villas, which get the last of the evening light. What a place to stay, with views across the bay at sunset! And totally peaceful, even in the height of summer...

If we haven't been tempted to stop for a drink somewhere in Livadia afterwards, we drive back across the island and catch the sun again before it goes down over Ayios Andonis... 

Stefanakis Villas are the property of Stelios Stefanakis, who valiantly handles the comings and goings of ferries, ensuring we find a seat when we've forgotten to book ahead, and taking delivery of packages. For info on getting to Tilos, as well as the villas


  1. Great photos! Fun story! Thanks!
    Susan Joyce

  2. Oh, we stayed in Stefanakis Villas over and over again when we used to come to Tilos, they were very nice and Stelios was always so very nice to us! Maybe we'll come back one day!

  3. I visited Tilos 20 years ago and for some reason didn't want to go back because I thought it would have changed. Went back last year and yes, it has changed, but it's still a wonderful place and recognisably the same place.