Tuesday, 20 August 2013

A Romantic Dinner for Two

I don't think there's any better way to end the day than right here, at Elpida restaurant, in Ayios Andonis. We had left the car at Ayios Andonis and walked to Plaka in late afternoon, and since it was busy on the beach (busy! Plaka! it must be August...) we walked to the rocks at the far end, and lay there watching the snorkellers. Then we walked back and all I could think of was the food at Elpida. So we stopped in.  

At the moment the sun started to go down, the other couples in the restaurant moved as one to the waterside edge of the restaurant to take photographs. 

Food arrived just in time for me to take my first bite of fried calamari with tzatziki as the sun slid down behind the mountain... Nothing says 'Greek island' like this, eh?

I'd been thinking on the walk back, one of the things I love about Tilos is that it feels a little unfinished, like a continual work in progress; not packaged and prettified, but raw and elemental. And hardly anywhere in the world could you watch such a spectacular sunset from a place so beautifully informal, with a handwritten menu (where the words do
n't quite fit on the line...).

Surrounded only by beach and a couple of other houses, it's the most romantic spot for a dinner for two...

And nothing says love like giving your partner your last piece of calamari.  

Thanks to Lisa the pup for a delightful evening!


  1. You gave away your last piece of calamari?? Madness! :)

  2. She's worth it. Look at that face- enough to melt the hardest of calamari-guzzling eaters....

    1. Gets me every time - I admit, she had more than the last piece of calamari...

  3. I hope it is not all eaten calamari? :)