Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Chicken and Egg Problem

There’s been debate here for a little while about why our chickens haven’t produced any eggs yet. I was researching online to see if there are things missing from the kotetsi, the coop. I wondered if they might be sick, as they’ve been losing feathers, especially one of them – but as Stelios advised, it is July and pretty hot. Then there was the other possibility…

Finally I bit the bullet and asked Grigori, who has a farm close by, if he wouldn’t mind, erm, coming to have a look at them when he has time. He stopped off while driving by and strode across the field.
He scanned the six of them quickly. ‘Jennifer, you’ve got five cockerels.’

That would be why we haven’t seen any eggs yet. It would also explain why they've been fighting. I went home and told Stelios his suspicions had been right. Apparently, when chickens are small it’s hard to tell if they’re male or female, and since ours are different breeds, they’re different sizes anyway.
‘But why’s the one hen not laid any eggs?’ asked Stelios.
‘Well, she’s probably quite tired…’ I guessed.
So, the only question next is – to borrow an old Young Ones line – who’s for the pot?

The Kantina is of course up and running and Lisa the Labrador cross is loving all the attention. When she’s not meeting new people, she’s doing important work digging holes.

And just when I thought a Tilos summer couldn’t get any better, having people coming up to me to say they’ve read my book and/or blog makes it super-special. A bit like one of Stelios’s hamburgers. So - thanks to everyone who's come up and said hello. You're the best. 

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