Friday, 20 April 2012

Today has been Friday

Left my desk at 3pm today and wandered to Ayios Antonis, had a swim, then kept walking to Plaka. These are the photos - look at them and just imagine the only sound is the waves far below and the occasional bleat of a goat, or cry of a peacock, and the tread of your feet on the road...

A few lines from a poem came into my head from years ago, and I've just managed to track it down - it's by Canadian poet Gwendolyn MacEwen and I read it once on the subway and memorised it ( She was cycling across one of my favourite parts of Toronto on a Friday in the poem, 'Sunlight at Sherborne and Bloor', and I hope it's OK to quote a couple of lines here since I couldn't get them out of my head!

You will never do anything more vital, more profound, more perfect or more
Necessary than what you are doing right now.

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  1. Lovely walk - wish I could be there doing it now as the rain lashes down outside.