On the wonderful island of Karpathos, I divide my time between the village of Olympos in the far north of the island, where we have a tiny hotel called Anemos, 
and at nearby Agios Minas beach,
where we have a taverna called Anemos Sunrise.
I've already met visitors from all over Europe.
Maybe I'll see you here.

You can call us on 0030 2241 500 377
Find us on Facebook: Taverna Anemos Sunrise

To visit Agios Minas beach, you can drive
or take an excursion boat from the port at Diafani.

Alimounda - Captain Vasilis: (0030) 697 826 5873
Captain Manolis - George: (0030) 697 405 7759
Captain Nikos: (0030) 697 499 0394

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